Amerikanistiek – The Course

A bit of history on one of the youngest countries in the world: America

Course: Americanism

Theme: The American Soldier

Aimed at: Secondary Students havo 4 and havo 5 in The Netherlands

Earns: 5 points for Reading, 6 for Listening and 2 for Writing

The American soldier has fought in four major wars since 1861. The Civil War betweeen the Northern states and the Southern states is the only war in which the American soldier fights at home. In World War I and II and the War in Vietnam Americans fight in other parts of the world to liberate other peoples from their enemies.

In American war literature we find realistic descriptions of the soldiers’ war experiences. many poems, songs, films and novels reflect the writers’ own experiences.

Students, to start this course go to the Introduction page!

We Want You !!

A well-known image of a poster used in America to recruit young men for the US Army


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